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AISI D2 is a high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel alloyed with molybdenum and vanadium characterized by:

* High wear resistance

* High compressive strength

* Good through-hardening properties

* High stability in hardening

* Good resistance to tempering-back.

China USA Japan Germany
GB Cr12Mo1V1 AISI D2 JIS SKD11 W.Nr. 1.2379
X155CrVMo 12- 1
X153CrMoV 12

Chemical composition ( in weight % )
Grade C Si Mn Cr Mo V
D2 1.55 0.30 0.40 11.80 0.80 0.80


AISI D2 is recommended for tools requiring very high wear resistance, combined with moderate toughness (shock-resistance).

Deep drawing and forming dies, cold drawing punches, hobbing, blanking, lamination and stamping dies, shear blades, burnishing rolls, master tools and gauges, slitting cutters, thread rolling & wire dies, extrusion dies etc

Heat treatment:

Soft annealing

Protect the steel and heat through to 1560°F (850°c).

Then cool in the furnace at 20°F (10°c) per hour to 1200°F (650°c), then freely in air.

Stress Relieving:

After rough machining the tool should be heated through to 1200°F (650°c), holding time 2 hours.

Cool slowly to 930°F (500°c), then freely in air


Preheating temperature: 1110–1290°F (650–750°c).

Austenitizing temperature: 1810–1920°F (990–1050°c) but usually 1830–1905°F (1000–1040°c).

Temperature Soaking time minutes Hardeness before tempering
°F °C
1815 990 60 approx. 63 HRC
1850 1010 45 approx. 64 HRC
1885 1030 30 approx. 65 HRC

Quenching Media:

* Oil (Only very simple geometries)
* Vacuum (high speed gas)
* Forced air/gas
* Martempering bath or fluidized bed at 360–930°F (180–500°c), then cooling in air.

Note: Temper the tool as soon as its temperature reaches 120–160°F (50–70°c).

AISI D2 hardens through in all standard sizes.


Choose the tempering temperature according to the hardness required by reference to the tempering graph.

Temper twice with intermediate cooling to room temperature. Lowest tempering temperature 360°F (180°c).

Holding time at temperature minimum 2 hours.

High temperature tempering at greater than 950°F (510°c) is recommended if dimensional stability of tooling is critical,

if significant wire EDM operations are planned in the hardened state, or if tools are to be coated.